Eternal Father

With your Grace...
Let us revere Your holy Name,
       wherein lies our strength.
Let us love You above all things,
       wherein lies the only wisdom.
Let us experience Your presence always,
       wherein lies peace that passes understanding.
Let us judge not,
       that our compassion grows.
Let us pardon,
      that our sins be forgiven.
Let us be merciful,
       that Your mercy sanctifies us.
Let us be caring,
       that we share a communal kindness.
Let us help others,
       that we might produce spiritual fruit.
Let us be found in Your Holy Light,
       while we take refuge from the darkness.
Let us be cleansed in body,
      thought, word, and deed,
           while being sanctified by the blood
                of Your Son our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Let us do Your holy will,
      while resting in the palm of Your hand.
United in Your Love-filled Bliss,
      let us ever be, eternally.

 Christian Prayers & Messages  
Eternal Father
Eternal Father

Thank you for Your grace and daily bread
From Your omnipotent bounty.
In reverent awe
Of Your holiness, mercy and wisdom,
We  are  bathed, renewed and refreshed
In the living waters of Your redeeming Love
Through Your Son, Jesus Christ,
 our Lord and Saviour.
All Power and glory
be to the Father,
and to the Son,
and to the Holy Spirit
as it was in the beginning, is now
and ever shall be world without end.
Eternal Father
With Your grace, mercy and power,
Through the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Through the Sacred Heart Of Jesus
Inflame us
Love us
Guide us
Protect us
Heal us

Eternal Father
With Your grace, power,
Love, compassion and mercy.
Purify us in body, thought, word and deed
That Your will may be done through us.
Reveal Yourself to us Your children.
 That we might love You more
And serve You better.
In Your Omnipotence,
Guides us
Unto Your eternal home of
Mercy-filled Grace,
Joy-filled Peace, and
Love-filled Bliss.

With Your grace, help us to do little things with great love.