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Name:                Doug Norkum
Born:                   May 17, 1942 in Timmins, Ontario
Address:            54 Glencoe Crescent, Kingston, Ontario K7M 7H2
Please feel free to e-mail me with any observations or questions.
To encourage others to develop a personal relationship with our Eternal Father.
Short Spiritual Path
1.  Grew up Roman Catholic in Niagara Falls, Ontario.
2.   At about the age of 15 (1952), fell away from regularly attending formal church.
3.  1954, began experiments in mental self-control which, all too often, were ineffective.
4.  1964, took private lessons to try and regain my former Catholic faith which had been a source of peace.
5.  1965, began quest to internally experience God without form--in pure awareness.
      Developed a simple visualization and mental affirmation focused on Jesus to enter into an internal, receptive silence.
6.   Was initiated by Guru Maharaji and later by Satgurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda.
7.   Later, visited and participated in several different religious groups.
8.   1994-95, returned to the Roman Catholic faith via the Holy Mass
       and participated in the The Servants of the Light as well as the LaPieta Prayer Group.
9.   Attend daily Mass and Communion when possible.
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 Christian Prayers & Messages