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To encourage others to develop a personal relationship with our Eternal Father.
Q: What do you do to prepare yourself to listen to the Eternal Father?
A: The following process can take from several moments to several years to learn. Assuredly it is only one of many pathways.
1. Awareness trains body. :                            Sit (or lay flat) so the spine is straight and use deep breathing to calm the body.
2. Awareness trains mind:                              Sit (or lay flat) straight, follow deep breathing with increasing shallow breathing.
                                                                          With eyes closed, let the mind follow the breath up the spine to a ‘point’ between
                                                                          and above the eyebrows.
                                                                          Awareness of the body will decrease, mind will become increasingly still and focused
                                                                          as it focuses on this one ‘point’.
3. Awareness affirms and visualizes:            With great love, visualize Jesus and mentally affirm, “Lord Jesus, come.“ 
                                                                          With great love for Eternal Father and with eyes closed,  focus intently
                                                                          (listen and watch) while gazing at the ‘point’--in the silence of your intense
As a child of God, you may ask questions of Eternal Father, then listen intently to the answers
Q. What cautions are there?
A. 1. Eternal Father has given you free will which He will not remove. However, NEVER allow yourself to be focused or meditate on a blank screen. Remember there are demoniacs who would delight in inhabiting your awareness should you give it up in this manner. This means that you should never use instruments, such as a Ouija Board, to transmit messages from unknown sources-- such as demoniacs, who have considerable knowledge of past events but who can cause enormous harm in controlling the awareness that was given to you by the Creator. An exorcism by a Roman Catholic priest is not one of your goals!
     2.  It is a good idea to say prayers of protection before entering deep meditation-- such prayers as the Our Father, or Archangel Michael's prayer of protection, or the Hail Mary. Your awareness can potentially be affected by saints, angels and/or demonical sources and of course by your experiences here on earth.
    3. Remember that meditation is an intense, focused awareness-- not a dangerous totally open consciousness.
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